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Informatie over de UvA-Vertaallijst

Information about the UvA Translation List


Informatie voor medewerkers over de UvA-Vertaallijst

Information for employees about the UvA Translation List


Hebt u vragen over de UvA-Vertaallijst? Mail dan naar vertaalcoordinator-bc@uva.nl

For questions about the UvA Translation List, please contact vertaalcoordinator-bc@uva.nl



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aanmelden (via Studielink)


enrol (via Studielink)

Explanatory note:

  • Unlike most Dutch applicants, applicants whose prior education was completed outside the Netherlands do not apply to a degree programme in Studielink. Only once they have been accepted to the programme and are in the Netherlands to begin their studies do they complete their enrolment in Studielink.
  • Be aware of this procedural difference, and of the target audience, when translating texts from Dutch to English.

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Last updated: 08-08-2011