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Informatie over de UvA-Vertaallijst

Information about the UvA Translation List


Informatie voor medewerkers over de UvA-Vertaallijst

Information for employees about the UvA Translation List


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For questions about the UvA Translation List, please contact vertaalcoordinator-bc@uva.nl



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exchange programme

Explanatory note:

A special programme (e.g. ERASMUS, TEMPUS, ISEP) based on a bilateral agreement, which allows students registered at a foreign university to take courses at the UvA for a limited period of time (one academic year or one semester) while remaining registered at their home university. Upon completion, an official transcript, indicating grades and credits obtained, is issued by the UvA. Credits should be transferable to the home university, from which the student also receives his / her degree.

Last updated: 21-03-2012