UvA-Vertaallijst / UvA Translation List


Informatie over de UvA-Vertaallijst

Information about the UvA Translation List


Informatie voor medewerkers over de UvA-Vertaallijst

Information for employees about the UvA Translation List


Hebt u vragen over de UvA-Vertaallijst? Mail dan naar vertaalcoordinator-bc@uva.nl

For questions about the UvA Translation List, please contact vertaalcoordinator-bc@uva.nl



Total no. of terms: 2545
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Explanatory note:

'EC' is an abbreviation for 'European credit'. In accordance with the Bologna Treaty and Nuffic and EU guidelines, this is rendered as 'ECTS credits', or 'ECTS' for short,  in English. The Nuffic guidelines also recommend referring to 'ECTS-studiepunten' in Dutch, but 'EC' is still widely in use in Dutch documents at the University of Amsterdam.

Last updated: 09-10-2012